Wed 3 March 2021,
3 p.m.- 6:30 p.m.
salle Stravinsky

In English with simultaneous translation in French.

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Forum Vertigo [now live]

New Modalities of Artistic Presence During Covid

With the Covid-19 pandemic, the arts are going through an unprecedented crisis that upsets one of the main foundations of their practice: the physical presence of the public. The purpose of this fifth edition of the Vertigo Interdisciplinary Forum bringing together artists and curators is to propose a debate aimed at overcoming the stupor of the profession by presenting original approaches that seek to break free of existing constraints, in particular by means of telepresence technologies.

These new topologies of presence in art not only impose themselves on public exposure but also on production: in a context of generalized multidisciplinarity, new modes of collaborative creation are being organized and experimented with.

3pm | Collaborative Creation

This panel discussion brings together composers involved in different forms of collaborative projects in the musical field, in connection with other arts or in a design process. It will be an opportunity to introduce the "Collaboratory" thread of the new European project Ulysses 2020-2024.

Hugues Vinet and Frank Madlener, IRCAM

Moderation: Andrew Gerzso IRCAM
Andrea Agostini composer
Adriana Armaroli Divertimento Ensemble artistic coordinator*
Andrea Cera composer
Bernhard Lang composer*
Ute Pinter impuls general secretary*

*Participant in the “Collaboratory Project” Workshop by the European project Ulysses

5pm | Performing Arts in The Era of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Artists and programmers are invited to present how they take advantage of technology to design new online art forms and contribute to the dissemination of works in response to the current healthcare constraints.

Moderation: Pascal Keiser artistic director
Nicole Birmann Bloom head of Theatre and Dance, French Embassy in New York
Martin Honzik director of the Ars Electronica Festival
Elli Papakonstantinou director, author, visual artist, ODC Ensemble
Marion Siéfert author and director of _jeanne_dark_

The panel discussions will be followed by online theatrical performances on Zoom: Traces of Antigone (at 7pm) and  Hotel Antiœdipus (at 8:30pm)  by Elli Papakonstantinou.

With support of France Culture



Andrea Agostini

Composer (Italy)
Andrea Agostini studied composition and electronic music in Bologna and then went on to perfect his skills in Italy and France, where he attended IRCAM's Cursus program in composition and computer music. He composes instrumental, electr...


Adriana Armaroli

Divertimento Ensemble (Italy)
After graduating in piano and harpsichord, Adriana Armaroli devoted herself in parallel to performing as a harpsichordist and to organizational work in the musical field.

Since 2004, her job has mainly consisted in plannin...


Nicole Birmann Bloom

French Embassy in New York (United States)
Nicole Birmann Bloom has been a Program Officer, Performing Arts, at the Cultural Service of the French Embassy in the United States since the late 1990s. Based in New York, she takes care of the promotion and ...


Andrea Cera

Composer (Italy)
Andrea Cera is an Italian electroacoustic composer and a sound designer who focuses his interest on the hybridization of cultural references and explores a form of sound design with low intrusion. He collaborates with the IRCAM-STMS Sou...


Andrew Gerzso

IRCAM (France)
Andrew Gerzso joined IRCAM in 1977 where he held a number of senior positions in the fields of scientific research, musical research, and creation.

In 1993, he created the IRCAM Forum and in 2000 the Pôle Spectacle (a multidiscipli...


Martin Honzik

Ars Electronica Festival (Austria)
Martin Honzik is an artist and the managing director of the Festival, Prix-Exhibitions Ars Electronica operational divisions. He graduated in Visual and Experimental Design from the University of Arts in Linz (2001) an...


Pascal Keiser

Artistic Director (France)
Pascal Keiser develops and manages cross-cutting projects between culture, society and the economy. He has been the co-founder and general coordinator of French Tech Culture from 2013 to 2017, the French government's national ...


Bernhard Lang

Composer (Austria)
Bernhard Lang is a marginal composer with multiple influences who brings a true philosophy of the world in his music. Nourished by the media—cinema, literature, dance—by microtonal music, by the practice of improvisation a...


Elli Papakonstantinou

Director, author, visual artist, ODC Ensemble  (Greece)
While revisiting the classics and creating immersive experiences, Elli Papakonstantinou connects notions of myth, philosophy and major narratives of our days. Named a Visiting CCRMA Scholar by...


Ute Pinter

Impuls (Austria)
Ute Pinter studied art history, cultural management and film in Austria (Graz, Linz, Salzburg) and the USA (Montclair). She has various working experiences in the fields of fine arts, film, performance and music, as well as in self-empl...


Marion Siéfert

autrice et metteuse en scène de _jeanne_dark_Marion Siéfert est autrice, metteuse en scène et performeuse. Son travail est à la croisée de plusieurs champs artistiques et théoriques et se réalise via dif...