Wed 3 March 2021,
7 p.m.

Free, on reservation.
Performances in English, subtitled in English

Zoom link for the performance
Meeting ID : 5870051339
Code d’accès : 030303

Join us at 6:30pm for the 7pm
This experience requires a specific set-up. Set up your computer before the performance begins using these instructions.

Online Performance

Traces of Antigone [live]

A New Global Agora For a Genderless Meta-space.
This interactive digital performance addresses the challenges of our times making possible a new way to direct and produce. Written by the contemporary Swedish playwright Christina Ouzounidis, this particular overpainting of Antigone’s ancient myth, is designed by Elli Papakonstantinou specifically for the Zoom platform used here as an alternative “stage” with the participation of an international cast of performers.

The Collective “the Absent Girls”
We, women of different ages and artistic backgrounds, have joined voices to traverse historicity of gender, reconfiguring domesticity and digital space. In our domestic confinement, we explore the vastness of the public agoras; framed in digital boxes, we remain transparent for the whole world to peep on us, yet, safe in the refuge of our innermost private space (unlike other women – victims of domestic violence).
Transparent yet mysterious; Empowered yet objectified; Private yet public; Present yet absent; Connected yet isolated; Certain yet uncertain.
This is who we are: “the Absent Girls”, in memory of all the women before us.

Concept & Art Direction Elli Papakonstantinou
Playwright Christina Ouzounidis
Translation Margarita Mellberg (into Greek), G.Carbone, E. Papakonstantinou, E. Dermitzaki (into English)
Music Composition Nalyssa Green, Katerina Papachristou
Scenography Myrto Lambrou
Visual Art Advisor Mary Zygouri
Movement Direction Valia Papachristou
Technical Assistant Charikleia Petraki, Korina Kotsiri

With Nalyssa Green (vocals/keyboards), Serafita Grigoriadou, Gemma Hansson Carbone, Valia Papachristou, Katerina Papachristou (vocals/keyboards/bass), Sophia Manoli

Traces of Antigone is winner of the Amazone Award
With support of France Culture.