Online Performance

Hotel "AntiOedipus" [live]

A digital game of identities for avatars and solitary individuals across the globe - World Premiere
Wed 3 March 2021,
8:30 p.m.

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In the framework of the Forum Vertigo 2021 dedicated to new topologies of artistic presence, this evening of performances features two interactive online works by the Greek artist Elli Papakonstantinou.

To participate, please set up your smartphone or computer using the instructions that will be provided here soon. The Zoom links will also be published on this page closer to the performance date.

Our world is shifting around us in these times of seclusion and dichotomy. As we are faced with a common crisis for the first time after WW2, some say we are connected more now than ever before. How does this affect our understanding of collective consciousness? What is this emerging global “Agora”? It is time to dive into the self and to connect with the collective. In Hotel “AntiOedipus”, Deleuze-Guattari’s fluid identity challenges the notion of a new ever evolving self. Fluid identity (collective and individual) is at the global epicenter.

In the show Hotel “AntiOedipus” face recognition and gaming technologies mixed with live visuals radically “upgrade” audience experience in digital performance. Avatars and solitary individuals connect live from the seclusion of their domestic environments across the globe; meet and have fun in virtual bars; join forces to form a new global “Agora”; through the keyhole attend psychoanalyst sessions that take place behind doors; move freely from one hotel room to the other; pip on the most private affairs of Jocasta and Oedipus and challenge the way we think of ourselves in a total game of identity. Hotel “AntiOedipus” is a challenge to explore the self.

Concept, Direction and Libretto Elli Papakonstantinou
Music Composition Julia Kent, Tilemachos Moussas
Live Cinematic Environments Stephanie Sherriff
Technical Assistant  Chariklia Petraki

With Nassia Gofa (Jocasta, Chorus), Elias Husiak (Boy, Young Œdipus, Avatar), Anastasia Katsinavaki (Teiresias, Chorus), Theodora Loukas (Woman, Tedex Avatar), Lito Messini (Œdipus, Chorus), Manos Tsakiris (Researcher)

Viewer discretion advised. This show contains scenes that some audience members may find disturbing.

Executive Producer Elli Papakonstantinou / Ensemble ODC. Supported by the Greek Ministry of Culture.
With support of France Culture

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    Hôtel "AntiOedipus"
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    Hôtel "AntiOedipus"