2021.22 Training Courses

Public: composers, musicians, sound designers, video editors, technicians, sound engineers, theater and post-production professionals, teachers.

IRCAM offers a range of training modules tailored from beginner to expert levels, providing participants with the opportunity to discover the music software developed by IRCAM and perfect their skills. This program offers participants the possibility of building their own training program tailored for their needs, combining different modules on the following themes: real-time interaction, sound processing, computer-assisted composition, Web audio.

IRCAM trains about 60 students every year.

Certification Max - Levels 1 & 2

IRCAM offers two distinct Max certifications. Taken at the end of the Max classes (initiation and intermediate), these certifications enable students to evaluate their skill level via the conception, implementation, and use of applications created with the software.

Since 2016, 13 Max certification exam sessions have been held. 73% of the participants passed Max Level 1 and 78.69% passed Max Level 2.

Distance learning

In addition to its face-to-face training courses, IRCAM offers online conferencing classes. A selection of these classes are taught in English.

All classes held on site at IRCAM follow preventitive hygiene practices and guidelines related to the COVID-19 pandemic.In the event that these classes can not be held on site, certain will be taught via an interactive online platform. Information can be found in each class description.

Cursus Program on Composition and Computer Music

This programme is intended to train ten composers every year using IRCAM's software applied to musical composition.      
A progressive 12-month program (from October to September of the following year) allows students to acquire technical and computer autonomy.

Participation in the Cursus is possible by selection: IRCAM launches a call for applications during the second semester of the current year. Ten participants are selected to follow the course in the fall of the following year.      

The Cursus program is considered to be continued professional training.
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