Rémi Fox


Saxophonist, composer and improviser, Rémi Fox holds a degree from the CNSMD in Paris and is the co-founder of the Collectif Loo, which brings together a new generation of artist-researchers wishing to make music that is resolutely contemporary. Rémi Fox created several groups and developed various artistic projects with musicians from the European contemporary, jazz, improv, and electronic music scenes. He likes to combine his music with other artistic forms. From this desire several creations were formed with theater, dance, video, technological, and digital arts. A long-time collaborator of the Musical Representations team directed by Gérard Assayag, he and Jérôme Nika form the duo "C'est pour ça", whose latest pieces were presented in the installation "C'est pour quoi" at Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporain in 2020. In 2019-20, Rémi Fox was an artist in residence at the Cité Musicale-Metz with his ensemble nOx.3 & Linda Oláh to create and record "MiMo", an immersive and dispersive multimedia show.

.2020.21 Artistic Research Residency 

HI. A. - Hippocampe Artificiel

Research Theme
Machine learning and the creation of generative agents for human-computer interaction and CAO.

"Hi. A." explores the meta-composition of pieces defined by musical memories and generative processes.

In collaboration with IRCAM-STMS 
Musical Representation team

“Hi. A. – Hippocampe Artificiel” proposes an approach to the challenge of music with real-time electronics: creating a homogeneous universe in which acoustics and electronics feed each other. This project aims at implementing generative agents to realize interactive and creative paths through " musical memories ", in the same way that the hippocampus (of the brain) is used during dreams to orchestrate the creative reinterpretation of memory. The live electronics resulting from these agents are fed by and generated from instrumental stimuli activating intelligent listening processes and " meta-composed" reaction mechanisms. The established roles of composer and performer are thus blurred.

The hippocampus is an element of the brain responsible for the high-level coordination of memory-related processes. Involved both upstream and downstream, it is an actor in the acquisition of memory as well as in its exploitation: it controls the discovery of new perceptions, the encoding of this information, its storage, and at the other end of the chain, the mobilization of this data. Indeed, it is also the hippocampus that enables us to "replay scenes" by reactivating certain activity patterns in different regions of the brain. Our "Artificial Hippocampus " will thus allow to conduct research on the introduction of processes for composing musical memories, and for writing behaviors activated during performance.


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