Jérôme Nika


Jérôme Nika is a postdoctoral researcher at université de La Rochelle, invited researcher in the Music Representations team at IRCAM (UMR STMS 9912 CNRS). He graduated from the Grandes Écoles Télécom ParisTech and ENSTA ParisTech. In addition, he studied acoustics, signal processing and computer science applied to music (multidisciplinary Master's degree ATIAM in sciences and technologies for music, UPMC Paris 6, Télécom ParisTech, IRCAM). His PhD work "Guiding human-computer music improvisation" (Young Researcher Prize in Science and Music in 2015; Young Researcher Prize awarded by the French Association of Computer Music in 2016) focused on the introduction of authoring, composition, and control in human-computer music co-improvisation. Through the development of the software ImproteK and within the DYCI2 project, his research focuses on the integration of scenarios in music generation processes, and on the dialectic between reactivity and planning in interactive human-computer music improvisation.

Courriel : Jerome.Nika (at) ircam.fr