Marta Gentilucci

Female singing voice's vibrato and tremolo: Analysis, mapping and improvisation.
In collaboration with the Sound Analysis and Synthesis Team, the Musical Representations Team and the Sound Music Movement Interaction Team.


Marta Gentilucci studied Vocal Arts in Italy and composition in Germany with Marco Stroppa. She is  currently finishing her Ph.D. in composition at Harvard University with Chaya Czernowin and Hans Tutschku. Her electronic music was selected for the Seoul International Computer Music Festival Korea); the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival and by the International Computer Music Conference in 2011 (Huddersfield, UK), 2013 (Perth, Australia), 2014 (Athens, Greece) and 2015 (Denton, Texas).

She was in residence at the Experimentalstudio des SWR Freiburg, the electronic studio of the Akademie der Kunste in Berlin and IRCAM.

Email : Marta.Gentilucci (at)


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