Andrea Agostini

Composer (Italy)
Andrea Agostini studied composition and electronic music in Bologna and then went on to perfect his skills in Italy and France, where he attended IRCAM's Cursus program in composition and computer music. He composes instrumental, electroacoustic, and mixed music, has won prizes and awards in international competitions, and receives commissions from numerous institutions. His works are regularly performed at festivals and concerts.

His curiosity for different musical languages led him to work in the fields of rock and improvised music, and to be interested in non-Western musical practices.

He is also active in the field of computer music: with Daniele Ghisi, he developed, ''bach: automated composer's helper'' and ''cage'', libraries of computer tools for computer-aided composition; he worked as a composer and a researcher at IRCAM, then as a research associate at the Haute École de musique de Genève. He now teaches electronic music at the Turin Conservatory.

He is a founding member of the composers' collective /nu/thing.


Artistic Research Residency 2017

Scrisp: a scripting language for bach.
In collaboration with the Musical Representations Team.