Sat 6 October 2018,
3 p.m.- 6 p.m.
studio 5

Free entry, limited seats available.


Studio 5, Live

New Instrument-Making and Instrumental Archeology - Instrument Fabrication at IRCAM

How can an acoustic instrument be transformed and its possibilities augmented using new technologies? Can we recreate and play virtual examples of instruments from the past using archeological data? The same lab that "augments" the possibilities of an acoustic instrument today is capable of recreating—virtually—and making an antique instrument be heard, like the cornu from Pompeii. These scientific, technological, and musical issues examine "sound systems and signals" with a physical approach to "audio acoustics" and "instruments".

Discover the answers and explore them yourself by testing instruments available for your use or by opening the door of the anechoic chamber, exeptionally open to the public.


Sound Systems and Signals: Audio/Acoustics, InstruMents Team, IRCAM-STMS : Thomas Hélie, researcher CNRS-STMS, head of the team, Robert Piéchaud, Quentin Lamerand, developers IRCAM-STMS, Camille Dianoux, assistante engineer, Sorbonne Université-STMS, Tristan Lebrun, doctorant, École doctorale SMAER
With: René Caussé, scientist emeritus IRCAM-STMS, Carmine Emanuele Cella, composer, Serge Lemouton, IRCAM computer music designer, Adrien Mamou-Mani, director of HyVibe


Studio 5


L'archéologue et le collégien au pays des instruments de musique virtuels

Presentation of the European Project  iMuSciCA
Robert Piéchaud & Quentin Lamerand

Virtual reconstitution of ancient intruments, using the cornu as an example  
René Caussé & Robert Piéchaud

4:00Les SmartInstruments, from Research at IRCAM to HyVibe Products

Adrien Mamou-Mani

5:00Smart Instruments and Stupid Composers.  Or: How Composers Write Music for Instruments that Does-not Exist
Carmine Emanuele Cella & Serge Lemouton

Studio 2

3:00-6:00Virtual Tools for the Visualization and Physical Fabrication of Sound  

Thomas Hélie &  Quentin Lamerand

Anechoic Chamber

3:00-6:00Discover the room

Camille Dianoux & Tristan  Lebrun

Salle Shannon

3:00-6:00Screening of films on themes addressed during the afternoon (non-stop)


Presentation of HyVibe by founder Adrien Mamou-Mani

A part of the Fête de la science 2018
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