Maxime Mantovani

Maxime Mantovani (France, b. 1984) is a composer of mixed and electroacoustic music. He holds a Master’s degree in composition from the Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Lyon under François Roux, as well as a degree in electronics and computer engineering. These training courses and his experiences are the foundation on which he develops his practice, situated among musical composition, creation, and computer music.

The role of instrumental and electronic interpretation is central to his work. He uses particular instrumental gestures and playing modes, synthetic sounds, as well as unusual sound recordings — close to his materials — to discover what the ear does not hear naturally. Mechanisms of opposition and union between sounds and timbres of different natures are used in order to make the encounter between electronics and acoustics coherent. The distinction between these two universes may then become uncertain.

The deepening and intesification of his musical writing methods is strongly inspired by technology and computer music. He designs electroacoustic instruments — hardware and software — and questions the Anthropocene as well as the sustainability of technological tools.