Anders Vinjar


While studying ethnomusicology and linguistics, Anders experimented with potentials of programming-languages and AI-techniques to work on issues of music-analysis. He got interested in using the same tools to create music, stopped studying and started composing.

Main interests are acousmatic music and other electroacoustic art, algorithmic composition, DSP and programming for music. He spends most of his composition-hours either doing field-recordings or musical programming inside functional programming-environments for music such as OpenMusic, Common Music, CLM, SuperCollider and other FLOSS-ware.

Output includes concert-music of various kinds, installations, music for movies, streams/web-art, hacks, applications, workshops, lectures, occasional articles etc.

2019.20 Artistic Research Residency

Exploring AI techniques in CAC workflows.
In collaboration with the Musical Representations IRCAM-STMS Team and ZKM.

The main aim of this project is to develop a practical working environment for applying AI based techniques to creative use in CAC-based workflows.

The project will be exploring effective creative workflows aimed at typical composition tasks on a symbolic level. It will explore tools for generating, analysing and processing musical parameters, material and structure at a rather high level of the musical discourse, typically at a note-, motive-, phrase-level or above.

Questions to consider will be what approaches to AI and which techniques and algorithms might be useful, whether there are certain tasks within CAC, or special parts of various kinds of composition workflows which are well suited to apply these techniques to, etc.


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