01'30 in Stravinsky

Publish date
April 20, 2018

Symposiums, conferences, theses defenses... IRCAM’s salle Stravinsky welcomes a range of interventions by researchers, composers, and artists who have come to share their projects or questions on contemporary music and technological innovation with the public. These presentations are an important aspect of the scientific and artistic life at IRCAM and we are offering 90-second video introductions. If you want to hear the full talk, click ahead.

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01'30 in Stravinsky with Franck Bedrossian

Guest composer for the IRCAM Cursus program, Franck Bedrossian presents his compositions and addresses aesthetic and formal issues in his music via the analysis of recent works, both instrumental and mixed.

Full presentation

01'30 i, Stravinsky with Julia Blondeau

Thesis defense of the researcher and composer Julia Blondeau “Compositional Spaces and Multiple Times: The Form/Material Relationship”. Julia Blondeau carried out her doctorate in music: research in composition with the Musical Representations team at IRCAM (STMS - CNRS/Ircam/Sorbonne Université/Ministère de la Culture).

More information on her PhD defense

01'30 in Stravinsky with Alain Bonardi

Researcher with the Analysis of Musical Practices team and participant in the ANR project MUSIOCOLL, Alain Bonardi develops Kiwi, a real-time collaborative musical environment that lets several people work simultaneously on sound treatments online.

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