Software Training

Antescofo - Score Following

Synchronize a Musician and Electronics
May 12 through Sat 13 May 2017,
10 a.m.- 5:30 p.m.
salle Nono



Hands-On Session


500 €

This hands-on session centers on three points:

  • A presentation of various score-following methods on the market today, focusing on the mixed-music repertoire and, more specifically, on the Antescofo system developed at IRCAM
  • A detailed presentation of the software necessary for the Antescofo system, particularly NoteAbility. Each participant will prepare a short musical score that includes sound events to be set off
  • A hands-on exercise using the score-following system live with a guest musician who will perform the participants' scores


Advanced knowledge of Max and knowledge of a software program like Finale, Sibelius, or NoteAbility.


Upon completion of this session participants will have seen different methods for score-following and will have a deeper understanding of the Antescofo system, in theory, in practice, and musically.


  • Friday Morning: Presentation of the theory behind Antescofo, demos ; Exercises with Devenir by Durieux ; Presentation of a concert patch, the Antescofo object: messages to send to the object ; Tests - following with Antescofo simple: scores (and actions) and simulations
  • Friday Afternoon: Syntax of SCORE ; Syntax of ACTIONS; Global/local messages
  • Saturday Morning: Writing the electronic score; Additional syntax information; groups, loops, curves, mode tight/loose
  • Saturday Afternoon: Demos: tight/not tight mode with Handel and with Bach’s Fugue; Following settings in situ; Reading sketches with electronics: 20 minutes per work; Comments on electronics, corrections

 The participants will have to send us 10 days before the course a short musical sketch (personal composition, preparation of few measures) for violin that will be performed on the last day of the course by an instrumentalist, in interaction with electronics.