Research Teams

Sound Systems and Signals: Audio/Acoustics, InstruMents

The S3AM team creates theoretical, technological, and experimental tools based on multiphysic systems and the sound signals they produce.

Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces

The Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces activity of research and development centers on the reproduction, the analysis/synthesis, and the perception of sound spaces.

Perception and Sound Design

The team’s research focuses on the perception and cognition of sounds, bringing together knowledge from psychoacoustics, sound signal processing/synthesis, psychology, and cognitive neurosciences.

Sound Analysis-Synthesis

The Sound Analysis & Synthesis team carries out research and development activity in sound analysis, transformation, and synthesis of sound signals.

Sound Music Movement Interaction

The Sound Music Movement Interaction team (previously known as the Real-Time Musical Interactions team) carries out research and development on interactive systems dedicated to music and performances.

Musical Representations

The Musical Representations team works on the formal structures of music and creative environments for composition and musical interaction. This work finds application in computer-assisted composition (CAC), performance, improvisation, performance and computational musicology.

Analysis of Musical Practices

The Analysis of Musical Practices team carries out research on the works and scholarly practices that form IRCAM’s heart: composition, improvisation, performance.