Tomislav Oliver

Tomislav Oliver (Croatia, b. 1987) is a composer whose aesthetic draws on interdisciplinary influences such as postmodern literature, linguistics as well as the aesthetic of kinetic art. His works revolve around the idea of heterotopic spaces in which musical materials and narratives are juxtaposed, distorted and misplaced from their original image and position. He is interested in the ideas of erosion of sound material and recontextualisation of its musical meaning.

Oliver holds MA degrees in composition and musicology from Music Academy in Zagreb. He studied composition at postgraduate level with Stephan Winkler on Mozarteum, Mauricio Sotelo on Esmuc, Barcelona and Franck Bedrossian on KUG, Graz. Currently he is persuing a MA degree in Computer music with Marko Ciciliani (KUG). He is a member of the programme board for the Music Biennale Zagreb festival.