Georgia Spiropoulos

Composer (b. 1965)
Trained in piano and all other disciplines surrounding composition in Athens, Georgia Spiropoulos also practices jazz and is passionate about traditional Greek music. She studies with P. Leroux and taken classes with M.Levinas. During the Cursus at IRCAM, she worked with  J. Harvey, T. Murail, B. Ferneyhough, P. Hurel, and M. Stroppa. Spiropoulos completed her Master’s degree at the EHESS, in collaboration with anthropologists and Hellenists. This focus on the oral origins of music is fueled by other fields of exploration: improvisation, performance and multidisciplinary art, voice, language. During the festival ManiFeste-2015, IRCAM dedicated a concert-portrait to her. She was a Distinguished Visiting Chair in Music and Acting Director of McGill Digital Composition Studios at McGill Univeristy, Schulich School of Music.