Florent Caron Darras

Equally sensitive to spectral music as he is to electronic and traditional music (notably Iranian and Japanese music), Florent Caron Darras (France, 1986) writes music that questions sonic models, harmony, ornaments, and attacks, inspired even in his titles by the relationships between humans and nature.

It is with Gregorian singing and classical percussions that Florent C. Darras began his musical career. After his Master’s degree in research on contemporary Japanese music at Paris-Sorbonne, he studies at the Paris Conservatory (Cnsmdp) where his work was awarded by two Master’s degrees and four awards in composition (Stefano Gervasoni’s class), analysis, aesthetics, and improvisation. With a degree in music, he teaches at the Université catholique de l'Ouest and continues his research on Gregorian polyphony with Simha Arom.

A director of Ensemble Regards, Florent C. Darras has worked with the Ensemble Multilatérale and the Ensemble intercontemporain which will perform his works during the 2019 edition of the Présences Festival as well as the ManiFeste Festival. He is supported by the Fondation de France, the Meyer Foundation, and the Sacem.