Antonio Tules

Antonio Tules (France, b. 1990) studied composition with Thierry Blondeau at the Conservatoire à rayonnement départemental d'Aulnay-sous-Bois, and in Strasbourg with Philippe Manoury, then Daniel D'Adamo and Tom Mays at the Académie supérieure de musique in Strasbourg, where he is currently completing his Master's degree. Winner of the Académie Musica - Philippe Manoury in 2017, his music has been performed by ensembles such as Cairn, Court-circuit, Hanatsu-Miroir, Intercolor, and the Tana Quartet.

A pianist by training and also an electric guitarist, his practice of rock and metal clearly influences his writing, both formally and rhythmically, leading him to reflect on the concepts of connotation, ambiguity and decontextualisation of "found objects", or harmonic object, by focusing on the integration of consonance within atonal music.

Email : Antonio.Tules (at)