Andrew Harlan

Andrew Harlan (United States, b. 1995) is a composer, bassist, improviser, and sound designer. His music exists at the intersections of long-form ambient music, experimental club music, dystopian sound design, chamber music, and electroacoustic improvisation.

Current and previous collaborations include – RAGE Thormbones, Sound Icon, Metropolis Ensemble, [Switch~ Ensemble], line upon line percussion, and The Wet Ink Ensemble. He has been awarded first prize in the loadbang Commissioning Competition, the Boston Conservatory Sinfonietta Composition Competition, and was selected as a finalist for the BMI student composer awards.
Currently, he is pursuing an M.A./Ph.D. at UC Berkeley where he studies with Edmund Campion, Carmine Cella, Cindy Cox, Myra Melford, and Ken Ueno. He has also studied performance and improvisation with Linda May Han Oh.


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