The IRCAM Forum

IRCAM is committed to artistic research, serving music, visual art, digital, and performing arts creators. They are found in the IRCAM Forum community, a community that touches other professional sectors as well—sound design and engineering, teaching and performance—and has over 20 000 members worldwide.

The Forum was created in 1993 to make the results of the research carried out at IRCAM accessible to universities. Over time, a community made up of the users of IRCAM’s software and technology has been created, and the range of professions, cultures, and methods that have come to be found within this community have considerably enriched the Forum’s original offer.

In 2019,the IRCAM Forum collaborative platform  has been renewed and enhanced featuring a host of new functions. In addition to the already existing professional networking tools, communication, and technology dissemination, the platform will include a new service that facilitates artistic project management and offers multiple views for each step of your project’s elaboration. The IRCAM Forum simplifies group development of new ideas, favors sharing of practices, archiving, and indexing of knowledge, and offers an overview of the tools and innovations available to meet new challenges.

The IRCAM Forum community will meet next during the Paris Forum Workshops for three days of meetings open to professionals and amateurs. Three days of conferences, workshops, demos, and exchanges on music and sound in a true spirit of multidiciplinarity.

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Public Artists, researchers, engineers, designers, sound designer, makers, teachers, sound and music industrialists
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