Martin Honzik


Ars Electronica Festival (Austria)
Martin Honzik is an artist and the managing director of the Festival, Prix-Exhibitions Ars Electronica operational divisions. He graduated in Visual and Experimental Design from the University of Arts in Linz (2001) and from the Master's Program in Culture and Media Management at the University of Linz and ICCM Salzburg (2003). He realized numerous art projects as a freelance artist and in 2001 joined the staff of the Ars Electronica Future Lab. Until 2005, he took on responsibilities including exhibitions, interface and event design, art in architecture and project management. Since 2006, Martin Honzik has been the managing director of the Festival-Prix-Exhibitions division at Ars Electronica. He is also in charge of Ars Electronica CENTER’s exhibitions as well as Ars Electronica's international exhibition projects.