A look back at the seminars "Sheng! The Mouth Organ"

The sheng is an instrument with a long history whose repertoire is divided between tradition and contemporary. In order to welcome and encourage future creations, a team of researchers is working on the instrument’s history, repertoire, acoustic study, notation...  Researcher René Caussé, emeritus researcher in IRCAM’s S3AM team, gives us a brief overview of these seminars in 1'30.

Watch the seminars and find out even more about this rare instrument! (in French)

Seminar 0: Dozens of Sounds, Hundreds of Musics

Seminar 1: Sheng, Khen and Shô Mouth Organs: Traditional Models

Seminar 2: Sheng Mouth Organs: Renovated Models

Seminar 3: Acoustic Analysis and Mapping of the Sheng Timbre

Seminar 4: Shô and Sheng - Contemporary Repertoire Music Analysis, The Innovative Role of Masters