Maxime Mantovani 5/5 : Showcase

The Artistic Residency Blog

On March 23rd, Maxime Mantovani offered the public of the IRCAM's Forum Workshops their first glimpse of his work on his interface for real-time control of synthesis models generated by artificial intelligence, in a performance with Victor Auffray on flugabone (and voice) and Henri-Charles Caget on percussion. A "restitution" of which we offer here a striking representation.

Behind the technological prowess - which relies on a neural network called RAVE, the sound generation being carried out using nn~ in Max, all developed by Antoine Caillon of the Musical Representations team - we discover a new musical instrument, in the true sense of the word. That is to say, "an object entirely constructed or prepared from another natural or artificial object, designed to produce sounds and to serve as a means of expression for the composer and performer", according to the definition of the Trésor de la langue française. A sentiment shared by the musicians who participated in its development and consider it a full partner.

"The artificial intelligence," says Henri-Charles Caget, "responds instantly to the instrumental gesture and questions the performer in real-time, which is quite innovative in terms of acoustic playing sensations. It takes the expressiveness of each performer into a new dimension. With AI, we are, in all modesty, witnessing the beginnings of tomorrow's writing. It is time to start creating an organology of AI."