New Class at IRCAM: Design Audio Experiences on the Web

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Feb. 20, 2018

David Poirier Quinot ; Crédit Photo : Deborah LopatinDavid Poirier-Quinot, Norbert Schnell, and Marco Liuni will teach a new class on Web audio from Tuesday, March 13 through Thursday, March 15, 2018at IRCAM. He tells us a little about his career and this class called “Design Audio Experiments for the Web” that offers students the possibility of discovering the creation of performances and installations based on mobile and Web systems, with or without Max.

Can you sum up Web audio in a few words?
Web audio is a standard defined by the giants of Internet. For the developer, this standard is an ensemble of audio-oriented Javascript objects (gain, delay, biquad, etc.). These objects or “nodes” can be connected together or included in a Web page to create interactive explorations, games, promote a recording… The website Audiocrawl gives a few examples of applications that are very well done.  

How did you end up working in this field?
I was first interested in Web audio during a post-doctoral position at IRCAM, working on the CoSiMa[1] project coordinated by Norbert Schnell. More generally, I am a scientist and am interested in the relationship between sound and space in virtual reality. A look at the projects I’ve worked on is available here.

During the class “Design Audio Experiences for the Web” several tools will be presented. What are their particularities?
The class in March will focus on 3 points: Web Audio API, Soundwords, and MiraWeb. The Web Audio API part will be used as a foundation for the exploration of Soundworks which is a framework around the Web Audio API that magnifies the work of web composers, facilitating their work when creating interactive web applications. Concerning MiraWeb, it is an add-on to Max that lets the user duplicate any part of the interface of a patch in a remote browser.

After the class, what types of applications will the students be able to create?
For somebody who wants to, they will have a range of tools necessary to put together applications like Square or . In 3 days, even if all the participants aren’t able to master such and such a function, or one of the tools they will all know: the functions that exist; that they can carry them out correctly; how long they will need to master a specific function.


Interview by Cyrielle Fiolet

The class “Design Audio Experiences for the Web” is intended for composers, musicians, developers, teachers, and experts who want to specialize in Web technologies and already have the basic knowledge of how an application and a web page work (html, css, javascript).

[1] project supported by the ANR that made it possible to explore the relationship between the body, media, and space via new interfaces and tools for collaborative creation.

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