Software Training

Designing Audio Experiences on the Web

Conceive and create interactive performances and installations with Web technologies
March 13 through Thu 15 March 2018,
10 a.m.- 5:30 p.m.
salle Nono





750 €


Upon completion of this training, participants will be have appropriated the theoretical tools and techniques necessary for the development of a performance and musical installations on the Web. The tools covered include:


Composers, musicians, developers, teachers, experts wanting to become more specialized.


Basic knowledge and understanding of how applications and web pages function (html, css, javascript).


Assessment of acquired knowledge via practical exercises.

Practical Information

Programme de la formation


MorningIntroduction to the web of musical / artistic creations;
Understand the nature and role of the different elements of a typical web-based performance (server, hosting, client, device, browser, etc.);
Hands-on session: explicit the architecture and requirements of typical installations: interactive web-page for EP promotion, location-based soundscape exploration, using spectators’ smartphones as distributed speakers, interactive and collaborative experience: full potential of a mobile-web experiences.
AfternoonIntroduction to the [Javascript, HTML, CSS] triptique;
Hands-on session: introduction to the Web Audio API.


MorningIntroduction to client-server based frameworks;
Hands-on session: Soundworks and Nodal, understand the full potential of a web-install and demystify web-developments.
AfternoonHands-on session: create an interactive multi-client audio experience.


MorningHybrid framework: Juggling between the Web Audio API and Max/MSP;
Introduction to Mira and MiraWe: instant Max/MSP interface over http;
Hands-on session: communication between Max/MSP, a Node server and web clients (OSC, TCP, etc).
AfternoonUnderstand the strength and weakness of both Max and Web Audio frameworks, to be able to use whichever suits best any given submodule of their installation;
Hands-on session: hybrid framework, Soundworks-Nü.