IRCAM’s Multimedia Library: 2020 Acquisitions

IRCAM’s multimedia library is please to announce its 2020 acquisitions.
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Oct. 26, 2020

We are passionate about offering the widest possible range of documents on contemporary music and creation, sound science and technology, research and transmission. This year, 143 documents have been added to our collections, including 97 monographs, 25 CDs, and 21 scores.

Among them are reference works such as Musiquer by ethnomusicologist Christopher Small, this year's France Musique-Claude Samuel prizewinner for best essay. Translated for the first time into French, this essay, published in 1998, offers a fresh look at our relationship to music and our ways of practicing it, and remains relevant more than twenty years after its original publication. The latest biography on Pierre Boulez, published by Christian Merlin with Fayard, has also been added to our collection, and is the recipient of a France Musique award.

Our acquisitions also put the spotlight on IRCAM team members: Nicolas Donin and Laurent Feneyrou, in association with several recurrent guests in their team, have published a major sum of genetic analysis: Un siècle d'écrits réflexifs sur la composition musicale. Anthologie d'auto-analyses de Janáček à nos jours. We also find René Caussé's contribution to Cornua de Pompei. Trompettes romaines de la gladiature  in the collection "Archéologie & Culture" on the acoustic and metallurgical modeling of trumpets. Finally, Marc Battier, former computer-music designer at IRCAM, has published Electroacoustic Music in East Asia. The new CDs highlight composers from both IRCAM Cursus program, such as Franck Bedrossian and Huihui Cheng, and others programmed during the ManiFeste festival such as Eliane Radigue.

Several books have been acquired in the framework of the multimedia library's collaboration with the "Rencontres autour d'un livre" organized by the Institute’s Analysis of Musical Practices team. The discussion held on John Cage, in February 2020, on the occasion of the publication of a new biography by Anne de Fornel by Fayard was an opportunity to include works on Cage's correspondence with Peter Yates and on the composer's relationship with avant-garde cinema in our collections.

The three events planned for this season on the themes of improvisation, the aesthetic and political relations of music with violence, and one on the polysemic term of entente, traversing issues of music and "living together", have already been the subject of acquisitions you can discover in the list to be downloaded below!

Finally, the multimedia library continues to support the editorial activity of our Brahms online encyclopedia by offering documents associated with the latest published composer records: this year's collection includes a book on Isidore Isou as well as writings by Alvin Lucier and Dieter Schnebel.

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