Images of a Work #25 : "EROR (The Pianist)" by Georgia Spiropoulos

Publish date
June 26, 2019

During the financial crisis that hit Greece, a graffiti tag appeared in the streets of Athens, flourishing on the walls and facades of large buildings. Eror (λάθως) written with a spelling mistake. A disguised pianist will repeat the haunting interjection to a deserted world: Eror. The composer Georgia Spiropoulos combines the Athenian experience with other great urban traumas. This phantasmagoria for a surviving pianist reflects life and our unstable present: civilizational and geographic instability, the instability of our digital and the financial bubble, error and algorithmic instability affecting the musical or visual material, a chaotic world emerging from a piano-matrix.

A film by Sabine Massenet, in collaboration with François-Xavier Féron.