Creation of a New Chair with Beaux-Arts de Paris: "Supersonic"

Supersonic Chair: Exhibiting, Mounting and Inhabiting Sound

Today, sound has become a form and a material in its own right. Students must certainly be able to produce works, but above all they must understand the grammar of sound and its potential.”
Jean de Loisy - Director, Beaux-Arts de Paris

“The resources of sound and music represent a new territory for artistic creation today. The Supersonic Chair develops and cultivates them.”
Frank Madlener - Director, IRCAM

Today's creative practices and digital tools combine visual and sound arts. The Supersonic Chair: exhibiting, mounting and inhabiting sound brings together students from Beaux-Arts de Paris with those from the IRCAM Cursus. It functions as a workshop for sharing methods and tools to compose sound, visual and sensorial space and imagine a group in situ work.

At the crossroads of many practices or even the subject matter of many works, sound is omnipresent in art. It presupposes technical resources and a detailed knowledge of the place of sound in art, as well as contemporary sound issues. Of course, sound goes far beyond music. Here the aim is to give students the resources to work with sound as one works with wood or metal, with the appropriate tools.

📅 A presentation of the students' work will take place in June at the Théâtre des expositions des Beaux-Arts de Paris and during IRCAM’s ManiFeste-2021 festival.

  • Artistes-professors invested in the Chair:

    • At Beaux-Arts de Paris: Angelica Mesiti, Julien Prévieux, Julien Sirjacq, in connection with Vincent Rioux head of the digital pole

    • At IRCAM: Grégoire Lorieux and Sébastien Naves computer music designers/professors

Founded in 1990 and directed by Pierre Boulez, IRCAM's composition and computer music course—Cursus—trains a dozen young international composers every year on the institute’s software applied to composition in a multidisciplinary approach incorporating dance, image, and text. The students work in a fertile environment of exchanges with IRCAM researchers, developers, computer music designers, and engineers.

The École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, is a public institution under the responsibility of the French Ministry of Culture and an associate member of the University Paris Sciences & Lettres (PSL), plays an essential role within the contemporary art scene. Its first mission is to educate and train students planning to devote themselves to high-level artistic creation.  Courses are studio-based under the guidance of renowned artists and are supplemented by a range of theoretical and technical teaching. These studio workshops are accompanied by a broad range of classes on different theories and techniques that aim to provide students with a vision of a diversity of artistic approaches. These classes aim to provide them with a broad artistic culture, while promoting a multiplicity of fields of experimentation and transdisciplinarity.

With the creation of the new Supersonic Chair, the Beaux-Arts de Paris joins the ranks of the Cursus’ educational partners, which includes the Conservatoires nationaux supérieurs de musique et de danse de Lyon and Paris, the Haute École de musique de Genève, and the Académie supérieure de musique de Strasbourg - Hear.