Research & Creation Seminar

as a part of residency in artistic research at IRCAM
Mon 30 January 2017,
noon- 1 p.m.
salle Stravinsky

Free entry

The composer Marta Gentillucci presents her residency in artistic research at IRCAM, focused on the vibrato and tremolo of women’s voices: Analysis, Mapping and Improvisation.

The project would focus on finding the appropriate audio descriptors, and on evaluating different analysis techniques to extract data from a female singing voice, specifically the micro/macro evolution-in-time of vibrato, tremolo and their extended-techniques variations, both off-line and in real time. The acquisition of data coming from an off-line analysis would be developed within the Sound Analysis-Synthesis Team. Using the Descriptors, Marta Gentilucci would like to evaluate the possibility to use gesture follower techniques to identify vocal gestures and to improve the segmentation of an audio-stream, for example in Improtek and/or OMax. A further essential element would be also how to apply in real-time different degrees of control to an improvisation flow.