Musique-Fiction n°3: Bacchantes by Céline Minard

Premiere 2020
Sat 21 November 2020,
Sun 22 November 2020,
Sat 28 November 2020,
3:30 p.m.
T2G - Théâtre de Gennevilliers

Per session : 5 €


Musiques-Fictions is the collection launched by IRCAM in 2020: a program where musical creation is in direct contact with literary fiction. These music-fictions combine a text—primarily by a contemporary author—original music linked to the senses of fiction, a director, and actors. Giving musical writing its full place but preserving the text's intelligibility: Musiques-Fictions intends to renew the genre of the radio fiction or Hörspiel by going beyond a simple sound illustration of a story or dialogue.

In an immersive space, under the Ambisonic dome, where imagination is solicited by the sound environment created, the listener is invited to a shared listening experience.

BacchantesbyCéline Minard
Céline Minard
Olivier Pasquet music - commissioned by IRCAM-Centre Pompidou - and direction
Thierry Bédard adaptation and production
Emmanuelle Zoll direction of the Musiques-Fictions collection
Jérémie Bourgogne sound engineering

Performed by Bénédicte Wenders (Narrator)
Geoffrey Carey (Ethan Coetzer)
Julien Cussonneau (Marwan Cherry)
Isabelle Mazin (Jackie Tran)
Malvina Plégat (The Clown, aka Bizzie)
Sabine Moindrot (The Tall Brunette, aka Silly)

IRCAM Ambisonic system conception:
Claudio Cavallari, Lenaic Pujol scenography and lights
Jérémie Henrot, Clément Marie sound engineering

  • Le dôme de diffusion ambisonique  © Hervé Veronese
    Le dôme de diffusion ambisonique © Hervé Veronese
  • Olivier Pasquet  None
    Olivier Pasquet