Software Training

Max : Musical Programming

From Simple to Live Performance Patches
April 3 through Sat 8 April 2017,
10 a.m.- 5:30 p.m.
salle Nono





1500 €

After an introduction to the use of the graphical programming interface through an interactive activity, participants are introduced to sound processing and analysis.


Mastery of the basic functions of a Macintosh computer (use of a keyboard and mouse, create and manage files and folders, use menus, launch an application), of a sequencer software program such as Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, or another digital audio editing program (e.g. WaveLab, SoundStudio, Adobe Audition).


Identify the means necessary to create an interactive sound project using Max. Acquire the knowledge necessary to make simple patches (reading and recording samples, sound signal processing in real-time).


  • Monday and Tuesday: Introduction to Max, examples of interactive uses, with different types of media and controllers; Short account of the software and demonstrations of Jitter/3D, interactive example with an Arduino/tablet; First use of the Max environment; Management of information flows, saving information; Generativity and interaction, introduction to MIDI
  • Wednesday and Thursday: Introduction to audio, control/signal differences; Introduction to synthesis; Reading and recording sound files (in memory or direct from/to disk); Use of “Projects”
  • Friday and Saturday: Processes for sound signal processing and analysis; Sound processing (delay lines, transposition, etc.); Analysis of sound signals in real-time: amplitude, hauteur, specter...; Visualization of patch performance; Dynamic routing; Sequencing methods; Realization