IRCAM Talks #017

Metanoia: From a Temporal Succession of Events to Simultaneity in Space
Mon 9 December 2019,
6 p.m.- 7 p.m.
salle Stravinsky

En entrée libre, dans la limite des places disponibles

Séminaire reporté en raison des grèves

Accompanied by computer music designer Serge Lemouton, composer Sina Fallahzadeh talks about the process of creating his latest work Métanoïa, presented in June 2019 during the festival ManiFeste. How did they use the Chromax and Modalys software? How was sound spatialized using the acoustic totem created by Marco Stroppa and the software program Antescofo?

"To me, there is an imaginary world that would be neither the empirical world of the senses nor the abstract world of the intellect. A world in which everything is (de)materialized, and where there are intermediate experiences between the intelligible world and the sensitive world. An imaginary in which the temporal succession of events gives way to simultaneity in space."

with Sina Fallahzadeh, composer and Serge Lemouton, computer music designer