Ircam Talks #003 - La fabrique des monstres

Mon 9 April 2018,
6 p.m.
salle Stravinsky

Free entry, limited seats available.

This conference will present the work that Daniele Ghisi and Robin Meier did for the theatrical project La fabrique des monstres (by Jean-François Peyret), focusing especially the research that led them to use a deep learning model (recurrent neural networks) to generate audio samples from databases. They will present the musical starting points, working hypotheses, research and audio results of this process.

La fabrique des monstres

What would Frankenstein be today? When Marie Shelley wrote her modern Prometheus two-hundred years ago, the climate was drastically modified by a volcanic eruption. With a few friends on the edge of Lake Geneva, she played at telling scary stories.

In La Fabrique des monstres, Jean-François Peyret directs actors locked up in a theater because of a climactic problem – two actors used to theater and film, Jeanne Balibar and Jacques Bonnaffée, two young artists, Joël Maillard and Victor Lenoble, accompanied by a musical machine imagined by Daniele Ghisi, based on an uncontrollable algorithm.


This new conference series lets the audience explore the creative process behind a work, discover the latest experiments in sound design, and talk with a range of actors in the musical research field. Sound professionals, artists, scientists, makers, students: don’t miss this new event!