Software Training

Designing Audio Experiences on the Web - Advanced Level

Conceive and create interactive performances and installations with Web technologies
February 20 through Fri 22 February 2019,
10 a.m.- 5:30 p.m.
salle Nono





750 €

          Practical Information          


Upon completion of this training, participants will have appropriated the theoretical tools and techniques necessary for the development of a performance and musical installations on the Web. The tools covered include:


Developers, musicians, composers, teachers


Participants must have successfully completed level 1 of this program, or master Web Audio API, control interfaces, and interactions (GUI, motion sensors), communication in real-time with a Node.js  (WebSockets), and external applications such as Max (Osc).


Assessment: evaluation of projects carried out throughout the program.
A certificate at the end of the program is given to each participant with the results of the exam.



MorningTheoretical background:introduction to the web of musical / artistic creations;
Understand the nature and role of the different elements of a typical web-based performance (server, hosting, client, device, browser, etc.);
Hands-on session: explicit the architecture and requirements of typical installations: interactive web-page for EP promotion, location-based soundscape exploration, using spectators’ smartphones as distributed speakers, interactive and collaborative experience: full potential of a mobile-web experiences.
AfternoonTheoretical background: a review of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS;
Hands-on session: review of the basics of Web Audio API and other APIs (DeviceMotion, WebSockets, etc.).


MorningTheoretical background: introduction to client/server architecture and the Soundworks framework;
Hands-on session: description and analysis of typical web installation scenarios using existing applications.
AfternoonHands-on session : create an interactive multi-client audio experience : a distributed and synchronized step sequencer.


MorningTheoretical background: techniques for interactive streaming audio flows;
Hands-on session: design and create a web application for interactive and collective exploration of a real space.
- discussion on the strong and weak points of the different frameworks studies, knowing how to choose one or the other depending on the requirements of a specific installation;
- problems connected to hosting and implementing a musical installation using mobile and web audio technologies.