Software Training

Designing Audio Experiences on the Web – Advanced Level

Conceive and Create Interactive Performances and Installations with Web Technologies
March 1 through Wed 3 March 2021,
10 a.m.- 5:30 p.m.





750 €


Upon completion of this training, participants will have appropriated the theoretical tools and techniques necessary for the development of a performance and musical installations on the Web. At the end of the course she, or he, will have acquired:

  • The basics of object-oriented programming in JavaScript;
  • The basics of the architecture necessary for a real-time, distributed audio experience;
  • The basics of the soundworks framework;
  • The basics of related libraries e.g. waves-audio, waves-masters.


Composers, musicians, developers, teachers


Participants must have successfully completed level 1 of this program, or basics Web programming andWebAudio API

Educational Resources and Techniques

Classroom equipped with computers with all the necessary software installed, headphones, and MIDI keyboards
Class Format: Training alternates between explanations on theory, and hands-on exercises
Didactic Materials : Video-projected presentations and documents 

Supervision and Assessment

Welcome the first day of training beginning at 9:45am
Attendance controlled; signature of an attendance sheet required every morning and afternoon
Assessment: evaluation of projects carried out throughout the program
A certificate at the end of the program is given to each participant with the results of the exam

Training Period and Organization

18 hours of training. Monday- Wednesday, March 1-3, 2021. 10am-1pm/2:30pm-5:30pm
11 students maximum

All classes held on site at IRCAM follow preventitive hygiene practices and guidelines related to the COVID-19 pandemic.In the event that these classes can not be held on site, they will be taught via an interactive online platform.



MorningTheory –a review of Web technologies, JavaScript, HTML and CSS
Hands-on session –a review of basics of WebAudio API
AfternoonTheory –basics of Object Oriented Programming in JavaScript
Hands-on sessionreuse composants and structure an audio graph with classes


MorningTheorycontinuing with elements from day 1
Introduction to client architectures server and soundworks framework
Hands-on sessionan introduction to design and production of a distributed audio experience with soundworks 
AfternoonTheorydistributed states, synchronization, and scheduling
Hands-on session –design and create a distributed audio experience with soundworks: distributed and synchronized step-sequencer


MorningHands-on session – design and create a multi-client interactive audio experience with soundworks: distributed and synchronized step-sequencer
AfternoonTheoryuse of nanocomputers (i.e. Raspberry Pi) with soundworks
Open discussion