Software Training

Designing Audio Experiences on the Web - Initiation

Conceive and Create Audio Contents with Web Technologies
January 11 through Wed 13 January 2021,
10 a.m.- 5:30 p.m.
salle Nono





750 €

Practical information


Upon completion of this training, participants will have appropriated the theories and techniques to develop audio contents on the web, using the potential of dedicated programming languages and Web Audio API. Participants will be able to use:

  • The basics of web programming,
  • The principle elements of Web Audio API
  • Control and interaction interfaces
  • The basic architecture and deployment.


Developers, musicians, composers, teachers


No prerequisite necessary

Educational Resources and Techniques

Classroom equipped with computers with all the necessary software installed, headphones, and MIDI keyboards;
Class Format: Training alternates explanations on theory and hands-on exercises;
Didactic Materials: Video-projected presentations and documents.

Supervision and Assessment

Welcome the first day of training beginning at 9:45am;
Attendance controlled; signature of an attendance sheet required every morning and afternoon;
Assessment: evaluation of projects carried out throughout the program
A certificate at the end of the program is given to each participant with the results of the exam

Training Period and Organization

18 hours of training. Monday-Wednesday, January 11-13, 2021. 10am-1pm/2:30pm-5:30pm
11 students maximum



MorningTheory: introduction to using the web for musical and artistic creation.
Hands-on session: implementation of a programming environment
Theory: introduction to JavaScript, HTML, CSS
AfternoonTheory: first steps with JavaScript, HTML, CSS
Hands-on session: taking your first steps with Web Audio API


MorningTheory: review elements from day 1
Hands-on session: synthesis techniques using WebAudio API. Examples of modulating amplitude and granular synthesis
AfternoonTheory: organize sounds in time: the principles of scheduling
Hands-on session: organize sounds in time: implement a step sequencer


MorningHands-on session: review elements from day 2
Theory: introduction to network protocols and client-server architectures
AfternoonHands-on session: real-time communications between a Node.js server and web clients
Open discussion