Master ATIAM

Master sciences et technologies parcours ATIAM (Second Year)

September 2018 to September 2019
Sorbonne University / Télécom Paris / IRCAM

The ATIAM (Acoustique, traitement du signal, informatique, appliqués à la musique) Master's program was created by a group of French institutions active in the field of musical research and supported by the French Ministry of Culture. This program offered by Sorbonne University is organized in collaboration with IRCAM and Télécom Paris. The training is designed for students wishing to acquire the scientific fundamentals and musical knowledge necessary to carry out scientific research for musical applications such as sound signal processing and computer-music.

This program was created over 20 years ago and graduates go on to work primarily in the research and teaching fields, but they can also be found in industries and professional sectors related to music and sound. Since the creation of ATIAM, IRCAM has provided both pedagogical coordination and a venue for the program at the heart of the research labs.

Informations: Cyrielle Fiolet +33 (0)1 44 78 48 23 | info-pedagogie(at)

Class 2018.19

Valentin Bilot, Grégoire Blanc, Antoine Caillon, Jean-Baptiste Dakeyo, Gabriel Dias Neto, Constance Douwes, Théophile Dupré, Martin Fouilleul, Valérian Fraisse, Thibault Geoffroy, Paul Lascabettes, Clément Le Moine Veillon, Robin Malzac, Hugo Manet, Guilhem Marion, Hadrien Marquez, Félix Rohrlich, Yann Teytaut

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