Sound Workshop

Sound Workshop


Educational project that intends to improve the acquisition of scientific skills in secondary-level education


Room Impulse Response Renderer


Study of techniques for description of 3D audiovisual contents

Acoustic study of Dendara's temple

Étude archéo-acoustique du temple principal de Dendara (Haute-Égypte)


A European Excellence Centre for Media, Society and Democracy

Analysys-synthesis of SRIR

Analyse et le traitement de réponses impulsionnelles spatiales


Analysis and Synthesis of Real-Time Sound Processing

Augmented instrument-making

Prototypes of musical instruments, or components of musical instruments, that can be used in concert have been produced in this project

Automatic Music Indexing

Automatic extraction of musical descriptors for a piece of music


Binaural Listening


global Acoustic Conception of Reed Musical Instruments, In Tune and Homogeneous

Computer-Assisted Composition (Orchids)

Orchestration via an automatic search of instrumentation and layering instruments approaching a target defined by the composer

Corpus-Based Concatenative Synthesis

Database of recorded sounds and a unit selection algorithm

Effective Searches of Temporal Series

Code that makes it possible to carry out effective searches on temporal forms


Finite Time Control and Estimation for Systems of Systems


FuturePulse: Multimodal Predictive Analytics and Recommendation Services for the Music Industry


Interconnected inFInite-Dimensional systems for HEterogeneous Media

Modeling Audio Flows and the Geometry of Information

New paradigms for audio signal processing and representation


Mobility and Quality of Life in Urban Areas

Music & Hacking

Find points of intersection between the hacker culture and today’s music


Object Based Broadcasting

Processing by Phase Vocoder

Techniques for the analysis and transformation of sounds


Robot à l'écoute

Sheng! The Chinese mouth organ

Studies and seminars series about the Sheng

The Augmented Instruments

Acoustic instruments that have been fitted with sensors


Web Audio Semantic Aggregated in the Browser for Indexation