Virtualisation d’instruments de musique électroniques et clonage analogique/numérique de composants pour la conservation

This project has a dual focus: museums and science   

The objective for museums in this project concerns the automatic generation of documentation for instruments and simulation code for “non-invasive listening”—important for preserving playable virtual forms—in addition to electronic cloning of ancient technological components as programmable analog components that can be inserted in circuits, an important factor for the preservation of instruments in a non-virtual form.

The scientific objective focuses on physical models of old non-linear electronic components, simulation in real-time with guaranteed passivity of electronic circuits, and automatic generation of documentation and simulation code (work based on Port-Hamiltonien systems, a very productive formalism for multi-physical systems). It also focuses on the conception of programmable analogical electronic components and the creation of a general methodology applicable to ondes Martenot and other families of analogical audio circuits.

Project details

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