Augmenting the value of conversations with voice technologies

Project ACTIVATE aims to bring to market real-time voice-transformation technologies based on ERC CREAM's research in emotion neuroscience, which can augment the value of spoken conversations by adding business-relevant control on emotional expressivity. For instance, in the context of a call-center conversation, our real-time voice transformations may make an angry client’s voice 10% less aggressive, reducing employee fatigue at the end of the day, or make an operator’s voice 10% more trustworthy, augmenting customer satisfaction after the call.

Project ACTIVATE will :

  • conduct market analyses and interviews of industrial players to identify relevant conversational situations in which the technologies can be tested (e.g. for a call-center, a customer calling to resiliate their contract);
  • identify precise conversation outcomes that have market value (e.g. retention rate after the call);
  • measure the impact of the voice transformation on these outcomes in a simulated test environment that is near the desired configuration in terms of performance and user performance;
  • use the technology’s measured impact on relevant variables (e.g. a X% increase of retention rate) to estimate the value of a minimally-viable product (MVP), to be taken to market by partner startup Altavoce.

The project ERC ACTIVATE aims to capitalize on the socio-economic insights provided by ERC CREAM.

Project details

Commission européenne
Program type
program ERC Proof of Concept
March 1, 2020
Aug. 31, 2021
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