Violeta Cruz

Composer (b. 1986)
The Colombian composer Violet Cruz first studied music at Javeriana University in Colombia before going on to the Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris. Her oeuvre includes instrumental and electroacoustic pieces as well as “sound objects”, mechanical machines with partially random rhythmic behaviors with sounds prolonged by an interactive electronic system.

One of the points found in all three of these categories is the relationship between sound and material. In the instrumental context, it can be seen through her work on the musical texture (the relationship between the sound strata that make up the musical whole). In the case of “sound objects”, this is particularly connected to the basic elements that interest her: those materials found in our daily lives that always have their place in the mystical sphere of humanity like water or light.


Violeta Cruz participated in the In Vivo Vidéo workshop during ManiFeste-2013 during which she premiered Intersticio – 3,99 to the video Plus tard by Éric Oriot. She then took IRCAM’s Cursus program in 2013-14 at the end of which she premiered God game: el nuevo mito de los Lemmings for violin and electronics.

Email : Violeta.Cruz (at)