Marco Liuni

Resarcher and computer music designer, my activity spans applied mathematics and computer science focused on audio signal processing. My PhD (IRCAM/University of Florence) dealt with automatic adaptive algorithms for audio analysis/synthesis, while my current postdoc position is about audio processing applications to cognitive neuroscience (CREAM project, Perception and Sound Design team).

Since 2016 I have the opportunity to emerge from the R&D labs at the -2 floor, to work with composers attending IRCAM's cursus program, as a computer music designer with teaching charge (RIMce, Education & Cultural Outreach department)

As a computer music designer, my personal projects and collaborations involve electronics, electroacoustic and mixed (instruments and electronics) works, as well as development of real-time audio applications for music processing and interactive multimedia installations.

At Ircam from September 2008 to May 2018

Email : Marco.Liuni (at)