Laurent Poitrenaux


Laurent Poitrenaux was born in Vierzon in 1967. With the exception of a few roles in films, notably Tout va bien on s’en va by Claude Mouriéras, he works in theater with a number of directors including Éric Vigner, Daniel Jeanneteau, Arthur Nauzyciel, and François Berreur. Laurent Poitrenaux works regularly with Ludovic Lagarde and has performed in almost all of his plays. Notably in collaboration with Olivier Cadiot on the five performances Sœurs et Frères, Le Colonel des Zouaves, Retour définitif et durable de l’être aimé, Fairy Queen, Un nid pour quoi faire and more recently in the Büchner trilogy (Woyzeck, La Mort de Danton, and Léonce et Léna) in which he performed the roles of Woyzeck, Danton, and the King Pierre.