Konstantinos Baras

Konstantinos Baras (Greece, b.1993) is a Greek composer with a passion for complex and saturated sound. He embarked on his musical journey following a diagnosis of HanDL syndrome at the age of 18. Baras is recognized for creating works that convey intense emotions and delve into the complexities of trauma, employing visceral sounds marked by a continuous energy flow and aggressive gestures. His interest in live interactivity, DSP, and his continuous entanglement with black metal and techno contribute to an arrestingly distinctive sound palette, exploring the potential of repetition and bodily mechanics to intensify a sound’s impact on the listener. His music has been performed by Ensemble Modern, Ensemble intercontemporain, Ensemble Multilatérale, and Vertixe Sonora, among others. Currently pursuing a PhD in Composition at Northwestern University, Baras holds a Master’s degree from Boston University and a Bachelor’s degree from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.