Jiwon Seo

Jiwon Seo (South Korea, b. 1993) is a music composer and interdisciplinary artist from South Korea, supported by esteemed institutions such as the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation and the Nicati-De Luze Foundation. Hir creations emerge as interdisciplinary artworks, blending acoustic and digital music with staging, performance, and the exploration of social issues and literature. Ze mostly utilizes ICT and interactive new media to craft immersive experiences. Seo's pieces have been prominently featured at international festivals including the Saint-Petersburg International New Music Festival, the Rainy Days Festival of Philharmonie Luxembourg, the Festival MUSICA Strasbourg, The Festival ManiFeste – IRCAM Paris, the Pan Music Festival in Seoul, and the Festival Archipel in Genève. Hir artistic vision and innovative approach contribute significantly to the new music and interdisciplinary art landscape, captivating audiences.