Deena Abdelwahed

Deena Abdelwahed arrived in France at the age of 26 after having made her debut on the Tunisian scene and as part of the Arabstazy collective. Self-taught, in search of the sound of the future, Deena imagines her sets as research laboratories, on the cutting edge of avant-garde club music.

If her first EP Klabb (2017) set up the bass as the metronome of a mutant and hedonistic techno insurrection, her debut album Khonnar the following year is more introspective. A self-construction made of frustrations and constraints, carried by retrograde mentalities, which are not the prerogative of either the East or the West. In 2020, Deena comes back with Dhakar ("male" or "masculine" in French), an EP full of meaning and emotions mixing bass, experimental techno, and Arabic vocals.