Clement Canonne

I’m a CNRS researcher in the « Analysis of Musical Practices » research group since 2015. My researches are mainly focused on collective free improvisation, bringing perspectives from ethnography and experimental psychology. Recent publications on this topic include papers in Cognition, Revue de Musicologie, Psychology of Music and Journal of New Music Research.

I’m also interested in the philosophy of music - with Pierre Saint-Germier, I’ve translated in French several essays from american philosopher Jerrold Levinson - and in the empirical approaches of aesthetic issues.

I’m currently the PI of the ANR JCJC project « Musical Improvisation and Collective Action » (2018-2021), which aims to study joint action through the lens of musical improvisation; I’m also conducting an ethnographic study on the instruments used and/or created by improvisers.

Email : Clement.Canonne (at)