Brigitte d'Andréa-Novel

Brigitte d’Andréa-Novel was professor at MINES ParisTech since 1992. She received an MS degree in engineering from ESIEA in 1984, a PhD degree in Mathematics and Control theory from the École nationale supérieure des mines de Paris in 1987, and her Habilitation degree (HDR) from the université Paris-Sud in 1995.

Awarded in 1988 for her work on nonlinear control with a CNRS bronze medal, she is a knight (2001) and then officer (2009) of the Academic Palms and also a knight (2006) and then officer (2015) of the National Order of Merit.

She was the head of the Advanced Controlled Systems research group at the Center of Robotics at MINES ParisTech.

Her areas of research include nonlinear control theory and its applications to under-actuated mechanical systems; stabilization of nonlinear systems; automotive control with applications to ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems); stabilization of hybrid systems coupling ordinary differential equations and partial differential equations with applications to boundary control of flexible mechanical systems, irrigation channels and musical instruments.

In that context, she has developed research on modelling and control of wind musical instruments, in collaboration with IRCAM and LAM (UPMC). Since January 2018 she is the director of the IRCAM research laboratory, the UMR 9912 STMS, and professor at Sorbonne University  where she teaches classes on control and robotics with applications for active control of musical instruments.

Email : brigitte.dandreanovel (at)