Ircam Amplify

Subsidiary of Ircam, Ircam Amplify is dedicated to commercializing audio innovations. It constitutes a bridge between state of the art of audio research and the industrial sector on a global scale.

Ircam Amplify creates tailor-made solutions following a unique approach, placing hearing and sound at the heart of every experience. Its team works with its partners to implement distinctive projects and builds sound and technology user experiences, creating content and shaping the best way to broadcast it, in a continual pursuit of the highest quality and sound environments.

Ircam Amplify operates in three fast-growing markets, offering technologies, services and content simultaneously:

  • sound as space (sound design, 3D audio),
  • sound as an interface (vocal synthesis, new instruments, interaction between gesture and sound),
  • sound as data (indexing and music recommendation, web audio).

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