Ircam Amplify

Ircam Amplify's mission is to to make the very best in audio research and musical creation from IRCAM available to benefit markets and new uses as well as to invent, alongside the various players in audio ecosystems, desirable sonic prospects for the future. The aim is to amplify the powers of sound with precision and harmony, in particular by ensuring the technology is always relevant and responsible.

Ircam Amplify was established in 2019 as a subsidiary of IRCAM and is also funded by the Caisse des Dépôts, Believe, and E.T.R.E.

Ircam Amplify is the bridge between this recognized excellence in research and its real-life applications at a time when innovative uses for sound have transformed it into a significant challenge for many markets. 

For the world of industry, IRCAM represents a precious fount of scientific knowledge and cutting-edge technological expertise, the legacy of 40 years of interdisciplinary research, experimental creations, and innovations in the field of sound. By offering companies exclusive access to this unique expertise, Ircam Amplify assists them with the design and development of new uses, products, and audio experiences that distill the best of technology and emotion.

Ircam Amplify offers solutions in three fast-growing markets, offering technologies, services, and content simultaneously:

  • sound as space (sound design, 3D audio)
  • sound as an interface (vocal synthesis, new instruments, interaction between gesture and sound)
  • sound as data (indexing and music recommendation, web audio)

Ircam Amplify focuses primarily on meeting the needs of five markets: Robotic & IoT, Luxury & Retail, Mobility & Smart Cities, Health & Well-Being, Creative & Cultural Industries.

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