Bernhard Lang


Composer (Austria)
Bernhard Lang is a marginal composer with multiple influences who brings a true philosophy of the world in his music. Nourished by the media—cinema, literature, dance—by microtonal music, by the practice of improvisation and computer composition, his musical thought was overturned by Gilles Deleuze’s reflections (Différence et répétition, 1968), and gave birth to the Differenz/Wiederholung cycle.

Since then, his work has largely been based on the “loops” principle by Austrian director Martin Arnold - Bernhard Lang co-developed the Loop generators for the Institute for Electronic Music in Graz—and on the cut-up technique of filmmaker William S. Burroughs. Trained as a pianist (classical and jazz), he also studied German philosophy and philology. Parallel to his career as a composer, he developed an important pedagogical activity at the University of Graz in musical education, harmony, counterpoint and composition.

As an eclectic artist, he created numerous sound installations, performed as an improviser. For more than ten years has been mainly interested in stage music (Der Alte vom Berge, 2007; _The Stoned Gues_t, 2013; Der Reigen, 2014, Der Golem, 2016...) and musical theatre. Game 245 ''The Mirror Stage'' was created in October 2020 at the Leuven festival.

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